Sleep for Health and Safety (SHS) offers a range of services designed to ensure employee health, safety and productivity:

Screening programs
SHS will implement a company screening program so at-risk employees can be screened and receive the appropriate treatment. Company screening programs ensure the ongoing health, wellbeing and safety of your employees with minimal downtime.

SHS provides in-house education services for company employees to teach the basics of sleep hygiene and warning signs for potential sleep and sleep-related health issues.

Your health advisors are thoroughly trained in the introductory aspects of sleep, sleep disorders and sleep screening program implementation.
SHS training improves the qualifications of your company’s workforce and ensures sleep screening programs are implemented successfully.

Qualified personnel at SHS provide continuous support to ensure a streamlined sleep health service to your staff and employees.
Regular training assessments and educational information are an integral part of our sleep health programs to improve the expertise of health staff.  Your employees are a priority to SHS and we provide ongoing support to encourage and optimise CPAP therapy and a return to good sleep habits.

Location is not an issue with SHS as our clinicians are at hand through e-health portals for consultations and support. This eliminates the time and cost of travel and waiting for appointments. Consultations can be made wherever the employee is – whether it’s at home or on site. All they need is a computer with a web cam. This is a cost-effective method of maintaining expert advice.

CPAP treatment and compliance monitoring
Where treatment is required for a sleep disorder, SHS monitors the effectiveness and compliance of treatment – whether it’s Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) for sleep apnea or other sleep disorders.

Monitoring treatment is essential to ensure it is always appropriate and that sleep quality is improved.

Support and advice to improve treatment is always at hand and SHS responds immediately with appropriate follow up should a decrease in sleep quality be observed and/or effectiveness of treatment be compromised.